Thirty Three Days!

Thirty Three Days …… 33 days!! …..that is only 792 hours! We started this part of the HSCT journey to raise funds to get to Russia 158 days or 3792 hours ago. What a ride it has been so far! In that time we have had 2 big events and 2 smaller events, we have sold chocolates and raffle tickets and we have had some amazing donations from individuals and businesses. With one special event to go we are so close to hitting our target I can’t quite believe that I/we have almost done it!
I set myself a goal to raise $70,000 to get Aaron to Russia for HSCT to HALT his MS. At the time I had 6 months to his admission date of September 22nd…. I vowed to myself that if anyone could do it I could (yes I had times of doubt but at no time did I stop aiming at the target!) I was determined that we wouldn’t be thinking about fundraising for the last 4 weeks prior to departure or after our last event on Aug 23rd…. and now the fundraising finish line is so close I can see it racing towards us and thanks to all the amazing support and donations WE WILL REACH OUR GOAL!!

There are too many thanks to mention everyone individually – you know who you are and you should all know how much your support and donations and sharing and liking and everything you have done to help us achieve such an amazing result in such a short period of time means to our family.

So, what now that the fundraising is almost complete? The O’Halloran’s have begun ‘clearing’ the house in preparation for our return from Russia. Aaron will have a VERY low immune system and will need to be careful of what he comes in contact with and what he eats. The healing time will be 12mths-2yrs while his body recovers from the Chemo and his immune system rebuilds. He will need to be monitored closely for the first few weeks and then months – it will be a roller coaster ride and it will get harder before it gets easier. Aaron didn’t get MS overnight and his MS will not be GONE on returning home… took 20+ years for the MS to progress and develop lesions in Aaron’s brain and spine – some of the damage may never heal and so his disabilities will remain however we have hope that they will NOT progress making coping with day to day tasks easier to predict and his quality of life will become more stable.

Again my sincere thanks to everyone that has helped us get this far …. .we hope you will continue to follow our website and Facebook community and share along in Aaron’s HSCT journey to Russia to HALT his MS.

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