Bikers & Monks Unite in the Fight Against MS! 23/08/2014


Aaron Attacks MS last event – Bikers & Monks Unite in the fight against MS was a really great day with an amazing group of people. Our family filled our little car and headed up the Putty enjoying watching motorcyclists going either way and allowing a group or two to pass us (including a group riding to our event). We arrived at the awe inspiring Monastery Gates to be greeted by some of our biggest supporters as well as some new supporters.


The day joined together three very different groups – our Motorcycling Supporters, The Monks and the Parishioners. The Monks and parishioners were so welcoming to us all and interested in our cause as well as chatting to us and having a ride on a few of the Motorbikes! The food was amazing and the comments were flowing as people received a pile of food on their plates about how divine the marinated lamb was!! In fact it was all great!! To see Bikers and Monks eating, walking and talking throughout the grounds of the Monastery was heart-warming.

I cannot begin to thank David Hambly for facilitating this event – as far as we know this was a World first and there were official photographers from the Coptic Church in attendance to commemorate the event. Also special thanks to Bishop Daniel and all the monks of the monastery for opening their world to us and providing us with an insight into life in a Monastery. They were also very interested to learn more about us as well.


To those that attended to support us either knowing before that this was a fundraiser for Aaron Attacks or those that actually know us and learned while attending what it was for – every one of you made the day very special for our family. With only 27 days to lift off we are now in preparation mode and spending the day with you all was good for the heart & soul xx


A photo tells a thousand stories and so I will leave you with some amazing photo’s capture on the day by John Image, Geoffrey Watson, and Steve Ratty – thank you gentleman, your images capture the true essence of the day!

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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3 Responses to Bikers & Monks Unite in the Fight Against MS! 23/08/2014

  1. dawn says:

    this is an amazing post from an amazing woman from an amazing family, I am proud to have become a friend of yours and hope your and Aarons special journey brings much joy and happiness, forever in our hearts, Love Dawn, Dylan, Jordan and Tristen

  2. Eddie Nash says:

    Wonderful news and support !!!

  3. Fr. Robert L. Becerra, KCHS, Ph.D. says:

    A heartfelt congratulations to our Brothers of the Coptic Church for this great act of charity and mercy, from a brother Roman Catholic priest.

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