7 days to departure!

D-Day in one week and counting!!

The whole reason for everything we have sacrificed in the last 6 months, the reason for the hard work and sleepless nights and stress and worry and anxious moments all comes to fruition in 7 sleeps …. Just 7 sleeps!!!

2014-09-11 16.31.40
2014-09-11 19.22.36
This is where the real part of the journey begins. Bags are being packed, lists are being checked and tears and fears are being expressed. We know why we are doing this and we have pledged to take on the HSCT journey with strength and determination and with HOPE for a better future for our family.

We look forward to sharing the highs and lows of every part as we travel to Russia for HSCT to HALT Aaron’s MS!

Remember that it ain’t over till the redhead say’s it’s over & at all times —

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