HSCT Timeline

Just as every patient is different, every patient’s timeline will differ.
The following is a generalised version of what someone’s stay in Russia will look like:
Days 1-3         Testing
Days 4-7         Stem cell mobilisation with steroids
Day 8              Rest day
Day 9              Apheresis
Day 10            Rest day
Days 11-14     Chemotherapy
Day 15            Transplant Day
Day 16            IV infusions and rest
Day 17            Isolation begins
Days 18-22    IV infusions
Day 23            Engraftment
Days 24-28    IV infusions
Day 29            Rituximab
Days 30-36    Rest and IV infusions

As we said this is a general timeline, Dr F is able to adjust the rest days according to Visa requirements. Aaron will admit to Pirogov on September 22nd, our Visa expires and our departure date from Russia is the afternoon of the 20th October (28 days in Pirogov).

Timeline information provided by Kristy Cruise (http://www.movingmountains2013.com/)



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